Ultrasound is pain free method that uses a round-headed or probe that is put in direct contact with the patient’s skin. Some gel is applied on the surface of the probe in order to reduce friction and help in the transmission of the ultrasonic waves.

The sound waves coming from the machine can produce many effects. It has been shown to cause increases in muscle relaxation, local blood flow, and scar tissue breakdown. The effect of the increase in local blood flow can be used to help reduce local swelling, help with the recovery process, and, according to some studies, benefit bone fracture healing. The intensity or power density of the ultrasound waves will be adjusted depending on the desired effect.

In case you experience swelling pain stiffness following an injury or acute inflammation of your soft tissues then the application of ultrasound could be the answer to reduce these symptoms.  Your physiotherapist is able to indicate what additional treatment you need to overcome your ailment as soon as possible!

Ultrasound is indicated, for example:

  • Muscle related pain and stiffness

  • Swelling and pain reduction

  • Breaking down scar tissue

  • Boost healing process

  • Tendon/ligament problems

Feel free to ask us whether or not ultrasound treatment would be the right choice for you!

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