Kinesio taping is a revolutionary way of taping that is very different to the “old way” of taping. What makes it unique is that is helps the body by assisting in its own recovery process instead of immobilizing it.

The theory behind medical taping is that muscles do not only contribute to the movements of the body but also help in the circulation of the blood and the lymphatic system, for instance. If the muscles are not functioning properly, a range of problems and symptoms may be experienced.

When the affected muscles are treated with this special kind of elastic tape, it will activate the body’s own healing process. As this method developed over the years, it soon became clear that the techniques were so versatile they could be applied to far more areas than just muscles. Today, professionals all over the world are using this method to treat their patients.

The elasticity of the tape creates a lifting effect on the top layer of the skin (this is called the epidermis). Due to the lifting effect, there is more space created in the area between the different layers of skin. This is where all kind of receptors, blood and lymph vessels are located. The lifting effect can therefore cause better circulation and pain relief by taking pressure off the pain receptors.
By using different taping techniques, other effects can be achieved as well.
For example, Kinesio tape can help with:

  • Bruises (hematomas)

  • Scar tissue management

  • Increasing joint stability (ankle, knee, shoulder etc)

  • Relaxing or facilitating muscles

  • correcting posture

  • Alleviating pain


Kinesio tape is very effective to extend the therapy effect, and works especially well if you want some extra support while you get back into sports. If you have any further questions regarding the use and effects of Kinesio tape, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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