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Occupational therapy

Occupational therapy promotes independence, health and well-being when carrying out everyday tasks. The main goal is to enable people to participate in their own daily living activities. Through rehabilitation and modification of the environment, occupational therapy helps people with limitations or impairments to achieve their full potential. It helps to solve the problems that interfere in the performance of daily living activities that are needed and significant for themselves.We use an evidence-based practice. The therapy is centered on the person and the family.

Occupational therapy for adults

Our service provides to our clients an individualized attention aimed at approaching the physical, cognitive and social problems.

Occupational therapy helps to improve our client’s wellness through:

•Rehabilitation or maintenance of the motor, mental and social functions.

•Adaptation and modification of the environment.

Occupational therapy for children

Occupational therapy helps children to enhance their cognitive, motor, sensory processing, communication and play skills necessary for their development. The therapy is carried out through play and allows children to learn and acquire new abilities to succeed.

comment disorders treated by Occupational Therapist

  • Down syndrome

  • Cerebral palsy

  • Hemiplegia

  • Plexus brachialis palsy

  • Genetic syndromes

  • Coordination motor disorder

  • ADHD

  • Autism

  • Premature babies

Physiotherapy Phnom Penh Clinics are unique in their bi-disciplinary approach. Through an intense collaboration between our occupational therapist and physiotherapist we are able to make a thorough assessment customized to our adult and little clients their  specific needs, in which both the physical as the environmental and all day living activities are being enhanced !

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