Manual Therapy is mainly used for two purposes: to restore the joint function and to improve posture and movement. To achieve these purposes a manual therapist (MT) applies a number of specific techniques to the affected joints.
Usually the effects of manual therapy can be noticed immediately in terms of increased range of motion, reduction of muscle tension and pain relief. The treatment plan of a MT consists of instructing, advising, directing the client and giving an insight on a healthier way of motion and posture.
A manual therapist is a physiotherapist who through post graduate studies has been specialized in manual therapy.  As a result she/he acquired additional knowledge of movements of the body, in particular that of the spine. Through this specialized education, a manual therapist is highly qualified to evaluate and assess the source of one’s complaints and find a solution that is customized to the individual patient’s needs.

During your first appointment you will be asked specific questions to get a clear insight in your medical history. Afterwards a physical evaluation will take place in which the therapist will assess your posture, movements, and examine the joints to find the source of your problem.
These findings will be discussed with the patient and together they will decide what kind of treatment is appropriate for the individual needs of the patient.
Nowadays the use of manual therapy techniques is well integrated in modern physiotherapy treatments.
Physiotherapy Phnom Penh applies manual therapy techniques from recognized and international methods such as Marsman, Cyriax, Maitland and Kaltenborn.
All team members of Physiotherapy Phnom Penh are educated and trained in applying these techniques


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