Personal Training is a good choice for everyone who wants to effectively work on their level of fitness or vitality. The benefit of having a personal trainer is that he will assess your physical condition closely by questionnaires and a physical examination.
He can also help you with any question regarding nutrition, and help you get motivated and more importantly to stay motivated.

After analyzing the physical condition and deciding together on the goal of the client, the trainer will design a program which will effectively and safely guide the client towards their desired result.
At our clinic, Mark Chen, as well as being an experienced and qualified physiotherapist, a Personal Trainer internationally certified through the Academy of Sports Science. He applies the OPT–model (Optimum Performance Training), which is the first ever training system in the fitness industry, that is both practical and evidence based, and takes the guesswork out of program design.
The method is complete, effective, safe, and aims to improve all functional abilities. This includes flexibility, core stabilization, balance, strength, power, and cardio-respiratory endurance.
Whether your goal is to reduce body fat, change body composition, increase strength, prevent injury or just increase your overall health, training with the OPT model will be the right optimum choice for you!


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