"Pepijn is a certified experienced physiotherapist from the Netherlands. After graduation he started working part time in a hospital in the Netherlands, focusing on orthopedic and surgical patients. In this period, Pepijn developed a significant experience in post-operative knee rehabilitation. In that same time period he also started working in several nursing homes, in which he worked for almost 3 years. In this setting his main focus was all-round rehabilitation and psycho-geriatric patients. In April 2012 he started working in a private clinic in Sint Maarten in the Caribbean, where he attended to clients at home and in the clinic. Here Pepijn worked as all-round therapist treating all kinds of physical complaints. After 3 years he decided to start full-time at the local elderly home in Sint Maarten focusing again on rehabilitation and geriatric clients, as well as teaching nursing students.


Pepijn believes in active approach in regards to treatment, with emphasis on exercise, coaching and quality of life. In his years of experience in working the elderly he strongly believes that “age is just a number” and education is a vital part of the treatment.


Besides having achieved a broad expertise in knee rehabilitation, Pepijn has completed courses in peripheral arterial diseases, neurological rehabilitation and motivational interviewing, making him an allround physiotherapist.


In his free time he loves watching movies, DJ-ing, kickboxing and exploring new places.