Nadine Struijk earned her Bachelor degree in physical therapy at the Hogeschool of Utrecht in the Netherlands. After her degree, at first she worked in an elderly home. She helped people get back on their feet after a knee or hip replacement. She also gave an exercise program in groups to maintain and improve the physical condition of the elderly. Nadine saw that exercising in groups, people were more motivated to get to their goals. In a private clinic where she worked next, she treated all kinds of physical complaints, which made her an all-round physiotherapist. Most of the physical ailments she treated were sport injury related. She accompanied as a physiotherapist a high ranking national league  handball team. Her goal was to ensure the players were fit and healthy to perform during the competition and to provide immediate treatment after injury in order to speed up their recovery! 


As a young girl Nadine was introduced with the sport Synchronized Swimming, nowadays called artistic swimming. From the age of 12 until 25 she was a member of the Dutch National Team. With the Dutch Team she participated in European Championships as well as World Championships. Until this day she has had a great passion for this sport. Nowadays, no longer as an athlete, but as a coach, she has set her goals to instruct her pupils to execute their technical routines perfectly and to have them look powerful yet gracious in the water. Besides training in the water, Nadine makes sure her girls also execute a disciplined work out on land. The exercises contain condition, strength, core stability and flexibility.

It's from this experience that Nadine while working with her patients always strives to get the maximum outcome out of her treatment combining hands on treatment with a healthy dose of physical exercise.