Striking a balance

Phnom Penh Physiotherapy Takes a Holistic Approach

Dutch Physiotherapist Dick van der Poel opened his clinic, Physiotherapy Phnom Penh, in 2010. The clinic now boasts four certified physiotherapists, including Dick, who has become a go-to guy for rehab, physiotherapy and sports injuries in a country where many people still prefer to treat chronic injuries with tiger balm, massages and a host of other quick fixes. Yet with the clinic’s rep spreading through solid word of mouth reviews, more patients are coming to embrace Dick’s methods, which blend the best of East and West.

Predictably, a number of the patients Dick treats have suffered from moto accidents. Athletes, however, including football players, also make visits. Local pitch conditions aren’t helping them. Dick describes some turf conditions as something “like concrete with resistance.” Foreign athletes’ joints struggle to adjust to fields with stratospheric Moh scale ratings and even locals transitioning from indoor to outdoor venues are suffering the consequences. Through Western physiotherapy coupled with Traditional Chinese Medicine, Dick is helping both athletes and non-athletes alike get back to normal.


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Posted on May 26, 2016 .