Marjolein Nieuwpoort graduated in 1996 from De Hogeschool in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, with a bachelor degree in Physiotherapy.

Prior to her studies in physiotherapy, Marjolein received her degree in sports education (CIOS) in Overveen, The Netherlands.
While studying at CIOS, Marjolein had been working as a psychomotor therapist in a clinical setting as well as a gymnastics coach at both national and international levels.

After graduating from her studies in physiotherapy, Marjolein combined her work as a gymnastic trainer and a physiotherapist for 5 years. She then decided to work full-time as a physiotherapist, giving her the opportunity to gain extensive professional experience in the clinical setting for the elderly. The care she provided was both in the neurological and orthopaedic, focusing on pre and post-surgery rehabilitation. She also developed expertise in the treatment of patients undergoing amputations due to trauma and diabetic problems.

Marjolein has substantial experience in neurological rehabilitation of patients suffering from strokes, multiple sclerosis and other neurological disorders.

She has also specialised in rehabilitation of post orthopedic surgery such as total hip and knee joint replacements, ACL, rotator cuff reconstruction etc.

Beside her specialisms, Marjolein has developed a broad range of interest in all musculoskeletal disorders making her an all-round physiotherapist with a great deal of skills and experience in the field of physiotherapy.

Marjolein followed numerous post graduate courses to bring more depth to her work as a physiotherapist and enhance her career. Her last two courses extended her knowledge in neurorehabilitation (2017) and manual therapy method Mulligan in 2015. 

Marjolein has a strong focus on functional training and self-exercise. In her opinion: “therapy alone is not enough. Because if you want to make a long-term difference, then putting your effort in as a client is crucial. I will support and guide you in this process and then together we can achieve your final goal!”

Over the last 2.5 years she had been working as a clinical physiotherapist in the Caribbean, in Sint Maarten. Once again, she offered her physiotherapy skills and services to a broad range of patients:  neurological rehabilitation, amputation rehab, children with mental and physical disorders, nursing home and elderly care and outside patients with a variety of musculoskeletal disorders. 

Personal quote:

“After working in Holland for a period of 16 years, I decided to quit my job and travel around South East Asia for one year with my partner. It gave me new energy. It has always inspired me to encounter new cultures and being open for cultural differences. It brought me many things and to many places!”

With her long experience and broad expertise, Marjolein is more than committed to make a difference for the Phnom Penh  based clients in need of high quality physiotherapy.