Lotte graduated from the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences in 2012 with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy which she followed up with a medical research master from the University of Amsterdam in 2015 (L. Schut et al. Can clinical evaluation predict return to sport after acute hamstring injuries: a systematic review. Sports medicine.)

After graduating physiotherapy she started working in a private clinic, specialized in orthopedic surgery and (sport)rehabilitation. Lotte has always been interested in sport rehabilitation. She likes to focus on functional movement and will try to motivate you to be your best self after an injury or accident. Lotte is used to a hands-on therapy style which cannot do without exercise and a well planned buildup towards being strong healthy again. It would not surprise you that she is most passionate about working with orthopedic patients and post-operative rehabilitation. 

Lotte has been physiotherapist of a Dutch field-hockey team, she has been working with the Amsterdam American football team, she worked with athletes from many different sports but over all she likes Crossfit the most.

The combination of her vast educational background and being a dynamic sports person herself has made Lotte an important asset for our Physiotherapy Phnom Penh Clinics with a deep focus on (sports) rehabilitation.