Annette is a certified Physiotherapist from Germany. She brings to the clinic 14 years of professional experience gained at the major rehabilitation center Mediclin Fachklinik Rhein-Ruhr in Essen. During this time, she enjoyed having a hands-on job as well as teaching physiotherapy students. Before coming to Phnom Penh, Annette worked at the European Medical Center in Brussels, Belgium. There she treated orthopedic outpatients of different nationalities in English, German and French.

Annette has substantial experience in the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders and in particular spine related ailments. She combines manual therapy, such as the McKenzie Method, with active therapy measures and has a strong focus on exercise and self-treatment. Annette has also undertaken both a basic, and an advanced Medical Taping course and added a specialized course of MTC for pregnant women.

“I love my profession because I’ve always been fascinated by the miracle of the human body and its high complexity both in its anatomy, and physiological processes.  Additionally, years of dancing since childhood has given me a good understanding of the interaction between flexibility and strength. During assessment and treatment I take all this information into account. I find personal satisfaction in helping patients to get back into shape.”